3AV is a leading national resource for audio/video system design, lighting, LED signage, automation/control, and installation - as well as security, video survaillence, and access control solutions. Specializing in restaurant and bar environments, we can certainly handle everything from the most complex corporate demands to the most creative residential dreams. With our incredibly easy to use customized interfaces, you and your staff can control almost anything imaginable in your environment from a single touch screen, tablet, and/or smart phone.

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From the sports bar
to the boardroom

As a national audio/video contractor, 3AV is very experienced in identifying, mitigating, and mastering all acoustical challenges. Our diverse skillsets have been utilized in all manner of projects - including office buildings, franchise groups, national chains, local establishments, and homes all over the nation. 3av has proven time and time again to have the knowledge, scalability and commitment to deliver projects of any size, scope, or complexity on time. From the boardroom to the sports bar, 3AV offers the latest proven technology, scalable solutions, and delivers overall value - every time.

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Control at your fingertips

Imagine walking in - with the press of a single button - having all of your TVs turn on, going automatically to the channels you want them to play, the music turning on to the perfect volume already playing what you want to hear, and all of the lights coming on to the proper level. The same goes for when you leave - push one button and everything shuts off.

This is what we do - and we are known for doing it well.

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